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Digital marketing is a growing phenomenon for all businesses and companies in the world nowadays. There has been a paradigm shift from traditional marketing to social media and internet marketing. It is important to understand the main driving force for this trend which is API. For businesses to successfully execute their marketing projects, it is paramount for them to understand the APIs.


API is a software which stands for Application Programming Interface. Programming is the process of creating applications and an interface is a program for connecting items of software mainly two so that they could communicate to one another. Here's a good read about keyword search volume api, check it out! 


The software therefore acts as a middle man between an application and the programmer. For instance when the programmer is in need of information, a call is made to API who communicates with the application after which a response is returned to the programmer.


It is through the use of this application that a marketer knows which words to be enlisted in the search engine optimization. There are various types of APIs used by marketers to do their analytics so as to generate the main words to be used in SEO. The complete API list consists of Word Associations, Topic Tagging, Sentiment Analysis and Category Recommendation. To gather more awesome ideas on keyword rank checker api, click here to get started. 


APIs are very important for digital marketing in the following ways: 


Sentimental Analysis- it measures consumer's satisfaction levels on platforms such as twitter, Facebook and other platforms. Sentiment analysis also works on the negative and positive scores of the unique words generated by the system. This is because of its ability to be able to determine the tone of a post or comment in relation to a customer's level of satisfaction.


Tagging Topics-APIs allows generation of articles, blogs and keywords. Through this API, human like topics are generated by computers when using computers. The main beneficiaries of this kind of API are the content marketers who use these API for Search Engine Optimization.


There also exists a Text Classification API that marketers use to understand the way people associate a product or category with other products in their minds. Here the marketers mainly insert category links in order to promote selling of complementary products so as not to be substituted. Moreover in order to add to different business needs, the text classification API enables customizations.


API is a very important tool to the marketers of today. This software allows marketers to do their jobs effectively and efficiently because it allows the programmers to build awesome marketing tools. Since we all understand what API is and what it does, it is important to integrate it as a marketing tool for all our marketing projects.