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When it comes to making SEO-software projects, chances are that there will most likely be a number of which that you need to check and look into. The thing is that there will surely be a handful of which that you will find.


Included below are important factors and matter that you could choose and use for you to be able to accomplish coming up with the best SEO software projects. Learn more about google position checker api, go here.


To start off, there is the rank tracker API that allows you to be able to check the possible positions of the keywords in various search engines. The very essence of this type of API is that this really do not require you to create a specific project or add a keyword. All you need to do is to pull a keyword and you will be returned with a number of keywords with their respective accurate positions, depending on what you specified. Find out for further details on google keyword search volume api right here.


Yet another type of API for SEO-software projects that you could use is the SERP API, which, will return you the top 100 results of search engines you included for the type of keyword you used. This basically is straightforward and all you need to do is to include the location with the location and the results should be provided to you.


There also is the keyword data API that you could use for SEO-software projects as well. What makes this great for such type of goal is that this will provide you with the search volume, the competition level data for keywords directly from Google AdWord Planner, as well as the CPC. Include the keyword and the location and you will be provided with quality results.


You will also find Competitor Data API that you will find ideal for the very purpose you seek as well. This is designed and build to be able to check possible traffic of your competitor's website, as well as other sources that are used to track down visitors and have then to get to a website. What you need to do to start everything out is to make sure that you will provide the competitor domain and you should be returned with a detailed list of data a second or two later.


This should give you all about the information you need, ranging from the average time a customer spends when they visit the site, the bounce rates,  PR views, the value of the traffic, the sources, and the list just goes on.